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Sesame Street Tackles Important Topics

Many of us have memories of Sesame Street from our childhood. The show, premiering in 1969, has been welcomed into homes for half a century. Sesame Street has constantly evolved over the past five decades, integrating educational with timely social issues. An article from Smithsonian Magazine explains, “For years the show’s creators have been spicing up… Read More

Ear Infection? There’s an app for that.

Okay, so the app isn’t available quite yet, but by next year, we might be able to diagnose an ear infection using an app! According to Smithsonian Magazine, scientists from the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital and Research Institute have developed a smartphone app called EarHealth. The app uses a paper funnel and chirping sounds to… Read More

Measles- What do we need to know?

You’ve probably heard a lot about measles on the news recently. Hearing the word “outbreak” can be scary and bring up a lot of questions. So, what do we need to know to keep our children safe and healthy? Measles, also known as Rubeola, is more than a rash and can be serious! The Centers for… Read More

Ducks Being AWESOME! Mike Garvin

Ducks are awesome. It’s a fact. But, they also grow up to do some pretty awesome stuff, too! Ducklings Blog will be a platform to celebrate and share the accomplishments of Ducks everywhere in a recurring segment we call… Ducks Being Awesome! For our first installment, I wanted to congratulate Ducklings former summer camp teacher… Read More

Are They Ready for Kindergarten?

Sending your child off to kindergarten can be an exciting, sometimes scary milestone. Parents often wonder… “are they ready?” There is more to school readiness than just the ABC’s and 123’s. We also have to think about social and emotional skills, motor skills, self-care abilities and behavior regulation. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry!… Read More