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Ear Infection? There’s an app for that.

Okay, so the app isn’t available quite yet, but by next year, we might be able to diagnose an ear infection using an app! According to Smithsonian Magazine, scientists from the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital and Research Institute have developed a smartphone app called EarHealth.

The app uses a paper funnel and chirping sounds to check for ear fluid indicative of infection. The app will analyze the reverberations of the chirps from the inner ear. If there is fluid and/or inflammation, the reverberations will sound different. Fluid does not always mean there’s an infection, but this could be a useful tool for parents and caregivers to identify whether or not a visit to the doctor is necessary.

The app has not received FDA approval yet. The developers hope to receive approval by the end of 2019 and launch the app shortly after. “In addition to making the test available for home use, the team plans on working with physicians in developing countries to implement the technology in places that may not have access to specialist equipment.”

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